Haley Strategic, llc

www.haleystrategic.com     12/2016 - 11/2021

Blue Star NBR is a Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) manufacturing company located in Wytheville, VA. When completed, the world-class facility will proudly supply American-made medical-grade NBR for use in the production of nitrile examination gloves. Mr. Casalena is engaged to leverage the substantial funding and resources granted by the Virginia Economic Development Partner program which include talent search and acquisition, design and development of custom training programs, and organizational development.  

Rick Schmidgall

Owner and President

Originally engaged as a fractional CFO Advisor to design and build an accounting system to capture an array of B2B and B2C transactions for this industry innovator in firearm products, accessories, and training. Transitioned to full-time CFO quickly, taking on additional general management and operational responsibilities to help grow the profitability and value of the company. Haley's growth during the 5 years tenure included sales and profitability increases of 4X, headcount increase of 6X, and facility capacity increase of 10X for future growth. Deal architect and key negotiator for several growth investment and partnership initiatives including a PSA to acquire the commercial building the company leased, and a 20% stake in a manufacturing and distribution operation to help control the company’s supply chain and to improve quality for its military grade products.

Legends Furniture, Inc.

www.legendsfurniture.com     3/2011 - 3/2015

Mr. Casalena recently completed a 20 month full-time engaged with Custom Fab USA out of California as a Business Advisor & General Manager for their Phoenix operation named Spectrum Products USA, a contract sewn products manufacturer. Reporting to the ownership group of Custom Fab, the original mission/scope was a comprehensive business assessment. As the GM, Mr. Casalena operated as a change agent to disrupt a longstanding poor culture, and lead new pathways for success. Purpose driven results include a 33% reduction in admin labor overhead and 400% increase to new projects pipeline. With significant accounting system changes, monthly close of books went from 30+ days to 5 days. Due to capitalization reasons, the engagement shifted to managing a consolidation of the Phoenix operation into Custom Fab's in California.  This consolidation required the oversight of transitioning a workforce to new opportunities, moving and liquidating equipment, furniture and fixtures, and developing a communication strategy for customers and vendors. 

Responsible for the integrity of all financial information and systems for this well established furniture manufacturer and importer. Hired as a ‘CFO Plus’, the primary focus became business process reengineering with oversight of a new accounting and management platform. Created a new culture of ownership and collaboration across all administrative functions, as well as across all production departments. Key executive team member participating in all strategic meetings for growth planning, product development, and sales/marketing programming. Mr. Casalena's leadership yielded a 33% Sales increase along with 48% Earning increase during his 4+ year tenure. Decreased rework by 52% in the plant with a focus on quality assurance across all departments, and capturing/measuring key data to expose root cause of defects. Established significant enhancements to inventory controls including a new WMS with specific floor locations and serialized SKU’s to improve inventory turn data. Spearheaded a World-class initiative with enhancements to the company website, ERP accounting/management systems, showroom expansion and corporate video.

“Mr. Casalena provided outstanding service with total integrity, loyalty and enthusiasm.”​

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Mr. Casalena completed a long-term engagement (5-years) as a CFO Advisor for this multi-faceted entertainment production company. He designed, implemented and managed a custom accounting system to track the numerous revenue streams and expenses for major non-baseball events held at Chase Field. Along with providing these fully integrated accounting management services, Mr. Casalena had many other core responsibilities in his role as CFO including: Deal Architect and Key Negotiator for Major Contracts, Financial Settlement Negotiations, Audit Representation - MCSD, Business Strategy and Development.

Matt Winberry, COO

Phoenix Rising Football Club

www.phxrisingfc.com     5/2018 - 2/2023

"Chris worked for me for a couple years and after getting to know Chris and his style, I would say he is one of the most talented financial and general business persons I know or have worked with. He is the consummate professional in all of his dealings. A motivator and team player, he is able to drive business ahead with plenty of strategic planning and foresight."

Select Artist Associates, llc

www.selectartists.com     10/2000 - 7/2005

Charles Johnston

Owner and President

Donald alhanity

Owner and President

Mr. Casalena completed a 4 year stint as a CFO Advisor for this fine furniture importer. Along with the challenge to re-design and implement a complex accounting system with inventory controls and monetary exchange rates, Chris participated in all the business management planning, strategies, decisions, and execution.  He was the point person for the current banking relationship, as well as for exploring new ones.  Chris played a key role in negotiating office and showroom lease agreements, both for primary use and sub-lease arrangements.  He oversaw a significant consolidation in operations responding to dramatic economic conditions in 2009.  Also in 2009, Chris successfully mediated and negotiated a partnership buyout.

Blue Star NBR

www.BlueStarNBR.com    2/2022 - Present


Prior Engagements

Riester’s full-time CFO retired in 2021 creating an executive leadership gap in the Accounting and Finance Department. Engaged as a CFO Advisor to mentor and develop the technical and leadership skills of the Director of Finance who has been with Riester for 20+ years. Scope of work also includes revamping the monthly financial package, providing financial analysis, and advising on opportunities to leverage current technology and ERP resources for a new and more efficient billing workflow processes.

Artitalia Group

www.artitaliagroup.com     6/2006 - 11/2010

Current & RECENT Engagements

"Chris is knowledgeable, authentic, transparent, and a true gentleman. He has great presence, patience and poise and is always leaning in to solve problems and discuss opportunities. His skill set is vast and his vocabulary deep, he is well read and a fine teacher. His planning and teamwork are exemplary. I'd highly recommend Chris and am confident he will be a great addition to any organization."

Mr. Casalena was recently engaged as a CFO Consultant to help take the Phoenix Rising Football Club to the next level (Major League Soccer franchise) by providing financial and accounting leadership to the Rising's front office finance department.  Developed finance and account department personnel and established new periodic closing procedures. Evaluated current accounting and box office systems for improved ERP efficiencies. Worked directly with GM and ownership group on budgets, forecasting and strategic planning. Created new reporting and analytics for the Rising's Executive Committee and Ownership.

"Chris’ leadership and management style is impressive. He empowers others and utilizes a participatory style which pulls people together across departments with an engaging team approach. Some of Chris’ personal characteristics include being a great communicator, optimistic, highly dedicated to his work, very professional and tactful. 

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This new Joint Venture with Toll Brothers and Harvard Investments requires a new comprehensive accounting system and a new accounting department to be stood up and to operate independently. Reporting to Toll Brothers’ and Harvard’s executive leadership teams, the engagement’s scope is to evaluate several options to deploy a new ERP system and ultimately manage the implementation process of the new software solution and workflow processes. This new Joint Venture with Toll Brothers and Harvard Investments required a new comprehensive accounting system and a new accounting department to be stood up and to operate independently. Reporting to Toll Brothers’ and Harvard’s executive leadership teams, the engagement’s scope is to evaluate several options to deploy a new ERP system and ultimately manage the implementation process of the new software solution and workflow processes.

Custom Fab usa

www.customfabusa.com     6/2015 - 2/2017

RIESTER Media Company

www.RIESTER.com    4/2022 - Present

Marco Felicioli

Owner and President

"During the course of Mr. Casalena’s engagement, he proved himself to be a team player and highly capable in many roles."

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Estrella Mountain Ranch Partners

www.Estrella.com    2/2022 - 10/2022