Business planning, strategies & development

  • Development of intellectual property, start-up business plans and exit strategies.
  • Preparation of financial projections &
    cost benefit reports.
  • Identification and development of new
    revenue streams.
  • Supervision of marketing and sponsorship initiatives.
  • Representation for capital raises.

Business operations & management consulting

  • Oversight of key contracts, personnel, short & long-term agendas and projects.
  • Execution of business strategies utilizing The Four Disciplines of Execution.
  • Identification & Development of workforce talent

Vital business relationship liaison - customers, vendors, bankers, legal, cpa, investor, etc.

  • Create access and maintain relationships to desired contacts.

ERP & accounting system design, implementation, management, & training

  • Alignment of business processes.
  • Business Process Engineering

About Us

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CFO Advisor Group is well suited for a seat at your management team table to offer many different angles of perspective and influence. We are business leaders to help you define your business DREAMS and execute for optimal results.

"The man who gets the most satisfactory results is not always the man with the most brilliant single mind, but rather the man who can best coordinate the brains and talents of his associates."             - Sir William Alton Jones


By pulling stakeholders together utilizing strong numbers and leadership skills, along with vision, creativity, innovation and influence, successful paths become forged towards desired outcomes...your DREAMS. CFO Advisor Group has a niche in providing executive level leadership to small and mid-sized enterprises to get all brains coordinated on executing the organization vision and mission. We have learned an array of industries and business models including e-commerce retailing, manufacturing, consumer goods, sports and live entertainment, digital media, education, consumer marketing programs, and professional practice administration. All prior engagements enhanced our core competencies of combining number prowess along with business management and business development, as well as strong relationship and team building. Think of us more as bean growers rather than bean counters.

Specialties: Business Development, Management, Leadership & Operations; Business Planning, Strategies and Analysis; ERP / Accounting System Design, Implementation and Training; BI and Financial Analysis; Business Communication, PR and Marketing; Vital Business Relationship Liaison - Including Customers, Vendors, Banking, Legal, Investor, Partner, and Strategic Alliances.